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The Pearl Izumi 1:1 design philosophy

Blur the lines between body and performance to create the truest-fitting gear imaginable.

An inside out approach

We always start with the body and work our way out. By obsessing over the interaction between an athlete’s body and gear, we’re able to make some of the best-fitting stuff on the planet.

Pearl Izumi 1:1
Innovative thinking. From head to toe.

The body is a beautiful machine comprised of thousands of parts – each with their own unique set of demands. This is how we answer each of them.

Pearl Izumi 1:1

Designed for the body that doesn’t give up. Our apparel employs featherweight fabrics, sleek lines, motion-centric fit and intricate details to enhance performance every step of the way.

Pearl Izumi 1:1

The body isn’t built to sit on a small, hard seat for hours on end. Which is why all of our cycling bottoms are outfitted with highly specialized chamois. We pressure test the pelvic bone’s interaction with a variety of bike seats to identify pain points, and then alleviate them. No other product goes through more rigorous testing than the chamois.

Pearl Izumi 1:1

Hands absorb a lot of shock through the handlebars. Our gloves’ 1:1 anatomic padding is positioned to soften impact at key points to create a more comfortable ride. Whether that’s on the road or in the mountains.

Pearl Izumi 1:1
Adaptive FIT

High-performance footwear needs to conform closely to the foot. Problem being, there’s no such thing as a standard foot. That’s where our 1:1 Adaptive Fit comes in. It creates a unique bi-directional closure that pulls equally from both sides, wrapping any and every foot securely.

Pearl Izumi 1:1

Other companies make you choose between an efficient mountain biking shoe and a walkable mountain biking shoe. Not us. Featuring an engineered flex point near the ball of the foot, these soles bend naturally during hikes but remain firm for efficient pedaling. EVA Foam in the heel absorbs trail shock during long hikes.

Built to be forgotten

We believe in making gear that’s so anatomically perfect you forget it’s even there. Creating a second skin that feels as natural as the first.

Less is more.

Every single detail is there for a reason. And every single detail that’s not there, is not there for a reason. If it doesn’t impact performance, it doesn’t exist in our gear.